Body Contouring

Implantes de glúteos

Nombre Técnico: Gluteoplastia
Partes de Cuerpo: glúteos
Edad Recomendada: Después de adolescencia
Anestesia: Epidural
Tiempo de Cirugía: Por lo general, 1-2 horas
Permanencia en Clínica: 48 horas
Cicatriz: Casi imperceptible porque la cicatriz se localiza entre las nalgas.
Preoperatorio: Lab exams
Postoperatorios: El paciente debe dormir "la cara abajo" durante 7-10 días después del procedimiento y debe descansar en su casa los 3 primeros días que siguen al procedimiento.
Periodo de Recuperación: 15 a 20 días

A surgical procedure to increase the size and shape of the buttock.

Who Are The Best Candidates?

The buttocks region has proven to be an area of struggle for many people. It is not easily enlarged or shaped by weight training and diet. If enlargement of the buttock is ones goal, there are a variety of different size and shape buttock implants from which to choose. The decision for the shape and size of the implants is made depending on each person's individual desires and on their general body build. In general, anyone in average physical condition or good health can be a candidate for buttock implant, or augmentation, surgery.Top

About the Procedure and Recovery Time

Buttock implants are made of silicone as are breast implants, but they differ in consistency. Breast implants are soft and fluid filled, while the buttock implants are soft but made of a solid silicone. Under general anesthesia, the silicone implants are placed into each buttock area through a single incision overlying the tailbone. The implants are positioned to look as natural as possible for the optimal cosmetic effect.
With the patient asleep under general anesthesia, a two to three inch incision is made between the buttocks in the midline. Through this incision the buttock muscle, or gluteus maximus, is lifted up and a pocket is made just large enough for the implant. The implant is inserted into its pocket. The opposite side is then completed. Both sides are carefully examined in order to assure that the results look natural and symmetric. Dissolvable stitches are used to close the incision. A compression bandage is placed around the buttocks to help reduce discomfort and swelling. The taped dressing that is applied during surgery to provide compression and support is usually removed two to three days following surgery. At this time the patient can take showers and begin to move around more normally. The results can be seen immediately but the buttocks look more natural and become more soft as the muscle stretches during the several months after surgery.Top

What to Expect

There is generally very little swelling and bruising after buttock augmentation so the results may be seen very soon after surgery. Unfortunately since this is an area of the body that is required for walking, sitting, and many other movements, patients might experience greater pain during the recovery period than other common cosmetic surgery procedures and the recovery time is usually longer. Pain medications typically are prescribed to help with the discomfort, but after approximately 5-7 days the patient is able to be up and about; moving, walking, and sitting more comfortably. Full physical activities are usually permitted within a month after surgery.Top

Surgical risks may include: infection, bleeding, nerve and/or muscle damage, slippage and asymmetry.